Rezabal White Txakoli Vermouth
  • Rezabal White Txakoli Vermouth

Rezabal White Txakoli Vermouth


Bodega Rezabal brings to the market a modern and aromatic vermouth. Using as a differentiating element the wine base of the Hondarrabi Zuri grape, used for the production of Txakoli. Obtaining a high quality and very balanced Vermouth in which the aromatic herbs of the region are enhanced, as well as the different carefully selected botanicals.

The design of the label pays homage to tradition and a nod to the present that does not go unnoticed.


Crystalline white vermouth with straw tones.

Mild, penetrating aroma with a fascinating aniseed nose. Small touches of lemon and bitter almonds as well as subtle hints of raspberry.

Smooth, silky on the palate with slight bitter and citric notes typical of Txakoli on a sweet and at the same time fresh background.

It leaves us with a pleasant, sweet and honeyed aftertaste.