Gin Premium Astobiza
  • Gin Premium Astobiza

Gin Premium Astobiza


Premium London Dry Gin style gin is a terroir gin, consistent with the elements of our natural environment


It is based on 3 differential elements: vineyard botanicals, own, exclusive to the Astobiza estate; wild juniper berries from our valley, the Ayala Valley; and citrus from lunar lemon trees and 4-season lemon trees on the north coast of the peninsula. Add strawberries and txakoli. The super aromatic strawberries of the Charlotte variety, grown and picked by hand in June, the time of greatest expression. The txakoli, ours, from the Ayala Valley, from a singular estate, monovarietal Ondarrabi Zuri.

In addition, the exclusivity of this Gin is marked by the expression of an innovative botanical added before the last distillation: “Aroma or Essence of Harvest”, a recent botanical that we capture from the fermenting must tanks during the harvest. Distilled at very cold temperatures, the carbon dioxide released by the must, around -60º C, results in a broth that concentrates the aromatic essence that we identify in the vintages.

Elaboration and botanicals

Artisan distillation of grain alcohol in a vertical copper still, with juniper berries from the Ayala Valley and botanicals from the vineyard and surroundings. London Dry Gin style, without additions after distillation. Distilled by BASQUE MOONSHINERS, experts in premium spirits and their internationalization, they have facilities that combine craftsmanship and technology, giving rise to exclusive spirits, with character and of the highest quality.

As for the botanicals, these are the 11 botanicals that we use:

From the Vineyard, 6 botanicals: Flowers, Tendrils, Leaves, “Ondarrabi Zuri” Grapes, Sloes and Blackberries

From the winery, 2 botanicals: Txakoli Astobiza and Aroma de Vendimia

From the environment, 3 botanicals: Lemons, Grapefruits and Strawberries

Tasting note

It is a transparent gin, with a round attack, pleasant on the palate, elegant notes of juniper berries, with citrus and herbaceous touches that evoke the vineyard, with a long and fresh finish.


Due to its citric character and good presence of nebrina, we recommend simple aromatization in gin and tonics using a lemon or grapefruit twist.


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