• leeks



Enjoy all the flavour, aroma and texture of the leeks from the Navarran orchard, a region very popular for its vegetables and for these leeks that will be the perfect ingredient for a soup, a sauté, a rice or to eat with a vinaigrette.


The lands of the Ribera del Ebro have exceptional characteristics for growing all kinds of vegetables and proof of this is the extensive variety of products that we have at Bask Selekt. Thanks to the rains and the excellent temperature of this region, the vegetables of Navarra are very popular and now you have the opportunity to discover the reason for this fame. We present you a very complete catalog of canned vegetables that will allow you to prepare an infinite number of healthy dishes. without any effort and at any time of the year. And it is that these preserves do not have to be limited to a single period of the year. You can enjoy these wonderful canned vegetables whenever you feel like it, eat them as a side dish, as a single dish, plain or with a sautéed garlic and ham, add them to your stews or use them together with the rest of the ingredients in your rice dishes. They are preserves made in a very natural way and are a great complement to a healthy diet.


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700 gr