Asparagus buds from Navarra extra 8/12 fruits
  • Asparagus buds from Navarra extra 8/12 fruits

Asparagus buds from Navarra extra 8/12 fruits


Less is more. When you choose asparagus tips from Navarra you are choosing much more flavor in a smaller bite.


All the naturalness of Navarra products is concentrated in these medium-sized fruits. A small delicacy that will make your dishes great. Take advantage of all the flavor of these yolks to add an original touch to your salads and combine Navarra asparagus yolks with all kinds of vegetables to enhance the taste of your menu in a very natural way.

The asparagus tips are a delicacy. So much so that when it comes to stabbing the salad there is always a furtive fork looking under the lettuce leaf for the best bite of asparagus. We have the best asparagus on the market, and all for you! These white asparagus buds are endorsed by the quality seal provided by the Protected Geographical Indication of Navarra. Serving them at your table is serving the most natural of the orchards of this region. And since you have so many ways to enjoy them, you will always find a suitable time to serve these delicious bites. Among the most popular recipes with white asparagus tips are all those that refer to salads and cold starters. Not in vain, the best way to enjoy the softness of this product is raw and without any other addition. You see that it is not necessary to get too complicated in the kitchen to take advantage of these fantastic preserves. You just have to use your imagination!


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