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Sabesi Souce


Sabesi Smoked Hot Sauce. (220ml)



What is temperament? Don't worry, we are not going to bore you by referring to the dictionary definition, but to the one that you and we have in mind:

Temperament is a “quite a bit” of character, and a pinch of genius.

If you're wondering “what does temperament have to do with a sauce?”, it's clear that you and Sabesi haven't officially introduced each other yet.

Let's do the honors!

Sabesi is our unmistakable, temperamental… and delicious sauce! Because, unlike other excessively spicy sauces, Sabesi does not mask the original flavor of the dishes, but rather gives them a bright note thanks to its initial touch of spiciness and its elegant smoky aftertaste. Sabesi is enjoyed and says goodbye to you elegantly, thus allowing you to savor all your dishes: isn't that great news?