Alfar la Maja balsamic vinegar 25 cl.
  • Alfar la Maja balsamic vinegar 25 cl.

Alfar la Maja balsamic vinegar 25 cl.


Delicious, with an intense and sweet flavor. A Balsamic Vinegar from Navarra.


This type of vinegar is highly appreciated and well known for its special intense, slightly sweet flavor. It is an indispensable complement with infinite uses and possibilities in traditional and modern cuisine. A few simple drops of this exquisite vinegar provide the characteristic touch of many recipes: with fish, seafood, aged cheese, fruit, foie gras, etc. In addition to dressing salads, in refined rooms or desserts.

This balsamic vinegar from Modena has gained fame and a great presence in today's gastronomy. Its origin is Italian, specifically in the Emilia-Romagna region and especially from the city of Modena. It is obtained thanks to a mixture of red and white wines. Then it is left to mature in the cellar.

Originally the grapes of the varieties called barbera, malbec, uniblanc, trebbiano are used. It is strong, slightly sweet and dark in color.