Our Appetiser.

Gastronomy is synonymous with the Basque Country, a luxurious destination for the palate.

If you have visited before, we are sure that you have come to realise that it is impossible to understand the Basque Country and its people without getting to know our gastronomy, one of the pillars around which a large part of our social life revolves.

The main characteristic of Basque cuisine and its respective gastronomic products is high-quality and careful elaboration. For this very reason Basque gastronomic culture is recognised all over the world.

Our dream is to share these treasures and gastronomic delights and make them known in all corners of the world, through professionals who, like you, are dedicated to high-quality gastronomy.

This is why we put our BaskButik at your disposal: a showcase of the best selection of traditional Basque products and dishes, which you can enjoy at the click of a button.

On egin! Bon appétit!