Welcome to Bask Selekt: Explorers of Basque Flavors

At Bask Selekt, we are not just a gourmet products store; we are passionate ambassadors of the rich culinary tradition of the Basque Country.

Our commitment goes beyond offering gastronomic delights; we strive to provide an experience that captures the very essence of Basque culture and cuisine.


Our Mission: Preserve and Share Basque Culinary Tradition

At the heart of our mission is the preservation and dissemination of the rich Basque culinary tradition. Every product at Bask Selekt is carefully selected to reflect the authenticity and taste that have defined the cuisine of this unique region for centuries.

Gourmet Products with a Basque Stamp: Quality and Authenticity

From the iconic symbol of Idiazábal cheese to the delicious pintxos that adorn our counters, all our products bear the distinctive stamp of Basque quality and authenticity. We are proud to be a window to the Basque Country, offering a wide range that satisfies both discerning connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts.

The Bask Selekt Experience: More Than a Purchase, a Culinary Immersion

At Bask Selekt, we don't just sell products; we offer an immersion into the culture, history, and passion surrounding Basque gastronomy. Each product tells a story, and every purchase contributes to the gastronomic legacy we proudly celebrate.

Committed to Sustainability and Local Producers

We value sustainability and connection to our community. We collaborate directly with local producers, ensuring that each purchase supports not only culinary tradition but also the local economy.

Discover the Basque Country through Bask Selekt

Whether you are looking for gourmet gifts, products for special occasions, or simply want to explore Basque flavors from the comfort of your home, Bask Selekt is your guide. Join us on this culinary journey and discover, with every choice at Bask Selekt, the authentic taste of the Basque Country.


We welcome you to our table: Where Flavors Become Unforgettable Experiences.