Eguzkilore Itxasoa (Mar)
  • Eguzkilore Itxasoa (Mar)
  • Eguzkilore Itxasoa (Mar)
  • Eguzkilore Itxasoa (Mar)

Eguzkilore Itsasoa (See)


Just as the land gives us its fruits, the Cantabrian sea is also generous with us. We are lucky.

The Hamper del Mar eguzkilore is an original gourmet gift that combines Basque seafood products and Basque culture presented in a very original way... have you seen something like it?


Canned fish play a very important role in our gastronomy, with bonito and anchovies being two of the most exquisite products. In this Eguzkilore Hamper you will find:

- A planter, model according to stock

- Mini gardening tool

- Eguzkilore Seeds

- History about the Eguzkilore and instructions for the plant and care

- 1 jar of Alakrana Tuna Loins (227 gr)

- 1 jar of Bonito Zallo Mousse (115 gr)

- 1 jar of Zallo Anchovy Mousse (115 gr)

- 1 can of Bokarte di Cardinale (canned anchovies, 112 gr)