Eguzkilore Lurra (Tierra)
  • Eguzkilore Lurra (Tierra)
  • Eguzkilore Lurra (Tierra)
  • Eguzkilore Lurra (Tierra)

Eguzkilore Lurra (Land)


Amalur (Mother Earth in basque), the name given to Mother Earth in our mythology, presents us with her gifts in the form of flowers and fruits.

In this gift, you will find the best products that the Basque land offers us as well as a surprise related to the mythology of the Basque Country.


On this occasion we combine the most important flower of our mythology, the Eguzkilore, with some other jewels of the earth. Plant and grow your own Eguzkilore, and enjoy the rest of the products that come with it;

- A planter, model according to stock

- Mini gardening tool

- Eguzkilore Seeds

- 1 jar of Boletus Edulis Arbolaren Azpian (180 gr)

- 1 can of Serrano Asparagus (8/12 fruits)

- 1 jar of Piquillo Serrano Peppers (230 gr)

- 1 jar of Serrano Artichokes (330 gr)

- A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Limited Edition" La Maja (25 cl)

- 1 Mill of Añana Salt (75 gr)

- History about the Eguzkilore and instructions for the plant and care