Mix of Bizkarra Artisan Nougat Delights (200gr)
  • Mix de Delicias de Turrón Artesano Bizkarra
  • Mix of Bizkarra Artisan Nougat Delights (200gr)

Mix of Bizkarra Artisan Nougat Delights (200gr)


Artisan nougat delights from Intxaursaltsa, Soconusco and cheese.


Pieces of artisan nougat of the Intxaursaltsa, Soconusko and cheese varieties.

Our selection of nougat includes the best Basque nougat, already chopped:

Urkiola cheese nougat, from the small artisanal cheese factory of the Bizkarra-Legorra family, which since 1924 has been making this cheese starting solely from its sheep hut.

Intxaursaltsa nougat, the traditional walnut dessert, typical of Basque Christmas Eve, which we have recreated in our workshop as a nougat, based on the family recipe of Mama Mari. One of the few nougats that are made with nuts.

Nougat from Sokonusko, exclusive to Bilbao confectioners, and according to what they say, originally made with cocoa brought from Santa Ana de Soconusco.

All the flavor of Basque Christmas in a box of assorted nougats.