La Maja Oil Limited Edition (Blue) from Navarre
  • La Maja Oil Limited Edition (Blue) from Navarre

La Maja Oil Limited Edition (Blue) from Navarre


Oil yellowish green, dense and full-bodied color. Clean and different aroma. Candies and jellies; berries and raspberries, banana and kiwi lesser extent. Very nice initial sweetness which uncovering the raspberry with a mixture of strawberry and banana. Slightly bitter and mild itching belated.

Tosca Variety.

Volumen: 25 cl

Historically, La Maja has dedicated a good part of each season to producing Extra Virgin Olive Oils of different varieties in order to offer genuine Limited Edition monovarieties. Testing the fruit at different states of maturity and combining them with different grades of humidity and modifying multiple production parameters (type of grinding, time & temperature of mixing, etc.), enables us to achieve the best expression of each variety.

This long ongoing study has concluded with the adoption and optimization of each individual crop variety and its extraction process. At the same time, external natural factors such as climatology and maturity of the olives may sometimes make it impossible to produce exceptional extra virgin Olive Oil from each variety. However, when we are able to achieve it, the results are spectacular and well worth the effort.