Nougat with Tangerine and Yuzu
  • Nougat with Tangerine and Yuzu
  • Nougat with Tangerine and Yuzu

Nougat with Tangerine and Yuzu


Basque Artisan Nougat made by Rafa Gorrotxategi with white truffle, tangerine and yuzu.

In Gorrotxategi they make this nougat with a delicate white truffle to which we add a touch of Yuzu tangerine, achieving a surprising flavour.


The Nougat with Tangerine and Yuzu by Rafa Gorrotxategi, in addition to being delicious, has won 2 great prizes:

International Chocolate Awards 2020 Award: Silver

International chocolate awards 2020 special award: Classic

Buying at Bask Selekt White truffle nougat with mandarin and yuzu is an excellent idea since the Rafa Gorrotxategi White truffle nougat with mandarin and yuzu is a signature nougat produced in an artisanal way by the Gorrotxategi family, a local pastry shop from Toulouse. This artisan nougat is made with white chocolate, cream, cocoa butter, mandarin paste, sugar, mandarin liqueur, almonds, egg white, butter, dark chocolate coverage and yuzu (Japanese citrus).

Why Rafa Gorrotxategi?

Rafa Gorrotxategi is the third generation of the Gorrotxategi Family. Since his childhood he has lived between ovens and pastry bags.

At the age of 24, he dedicates himself to working side by side in the workshop with his father José Mari Gorrotxategi and takes various confectionery and chocolate courses in Germany, France and nationally. He received training in various prestigious confectioneries, among which are three of the best in the world in Pastry and Chocolate: Antonio Escribá (The Magician of Chocolate) in Barcelona, ​​Robert Linxe of the Maison du Chocolat in Paris and Totel de Paco Pastry Shop. Torreblanca in Elda (Alicante). Since 1993, he has been in charge of the small pastry workshop, following in the footsteps of the family, in tradition and craftsmanship.

In 2016 he embarked on a new adventure creating the company Rafa Gorrotxategi 1680. This new bet by Rafa Gorrotxategi is a leap forward in quality and innovation. It will surprise us with new products and innovative pairings that aim to take artisan confectionery to haute cuisine levels. Rafa Gorrotxategi enjoys making his experiences and knowledge known to everyone around him and participates in all proposals for improvement in the world of gastronomy.

Rafa Gorrotxategi is also: Founding Brother of the Bean Brotherhood of Tolosa, Founding Brother of the Klaxk Chocolate Brotherhood of Oñati, Brother of the Virgen Blanca Brotherhood of Vitoria, founded by Cereros in 1613, Honorary Brother of Friends of Chocolate of Bilbao and, finally, Honorary Member of the Basque Gastronomy Brotherhood. On the other hand, he gives lectures on the history of cocoa and chocolate, he also gave a pastry course to the teaching staff of the Gamarra School in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He has made the film "Txokolatea", being its director, protagonist and producer. He is a representative of Tolosa Gourmet. Finally, Rafa has been showing us for years that haute chocolate has no mysteries for him, and now haute confectionery has no mysteries either.


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