Chilli pepper from Ibarra (370 ml)
  • Chilli pepper from Ibarra (370 ml)

Chilli pepper from Ibarra (370 ml)


Zubeltzu Ibarra Chilli, the authentic chilli pepper/Ibarra prawn. 370ml.


The Ibarra Chilli belongs to a local variety called "Berezi", which is produced in the Atlantic area of the Basque Country and is mainly packaged in Gipuzkoa, where the most appropriate weather conditions are found: low altitude, mild temperatures and a high level of humidity and rainfall.

There are 8 reasons that make it unique: Its fine skin with a slight sheen to it, its unique flavour and texture, its flesh which is barely spicy at all, its greenish yellow colour, its long, smooth shape, its size (between 12 and 15 cm), its narrow tail and the white wine vinegar.

Zubeltzu stands for ecological production, crafted harvesting, careful selection and designation of origin Ibarra.


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