Alfar la Maja Olive Oil. Silkscreened Bottle 75 cl


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made solely with the specific variety of 'arbequina' olives.


For this oil, the olives are harvested when they begin to turn green, which is usually between the end of October to the beginning of November. It is made through the cold press process in less than twelve hours after harvesting the olives, which produces low-fat oils but acheives a great intensity of aroma. In this way a dense, full-bodied, yellow-green olive oil is obtained.

With a clean and intense aroma that is surprising for its vivacity and reminiscence of fresh green fruits. One can appreciate hints of tomato and tomato plant, herbs, artichoke, apple and, to a lesser extent, a faint hint of wild berries and banana.

Beginning with a bitter almond taste, slightly spicy, this evolves into a smooth and sweet finish.


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75 cl