Artisan Cheese Nougat Delights (200gr)
  • Delicias de Turrón Artesano de Queso de Pastor Bizkarra
  • Artisan Cheese Nougat Delights (200gr)

Artisan Cheese Nougat Delights (200gr)


The Bizkarra & Bizkarra Cheese Nougat is made in the Usansolo workshop with the cheese produced by the other Bizkarra family branch in its Urkiola cheese factory.


This nougat that fuses the sweet and salty taste, has the particularity that its production is limited to the stock of this cheese that is made by hand in the small cheese factory, only with its own sheep's milk.

In the case of Turrón, a Gran Reserva cheese with a one-year shelf life is used. A cheese with a characteristic flavor and its own denomination, made from milchschaf sheep's milk.

The elaboration process is carried out entirely by hand, except for the initial mixing of the ingredients, creating the pieces one by one. It is mixed with almonds, white chocolate and sugar in the right proportions to obtain a creamy cheese praline, which is then hardened and cut in a characteristic way.