Artisan Polvorones "Eusko Label"
  • Artisan Polvorones "Eusko Label"

Artisan Polvorones "Eusko Label"


A typical Christmas sweet, the Polvorones. A product that cannot be missing from any table in the Basque Country.


250gr bag of Polvorones "Eusko Label".

These little Christmas morsels have made a strong comeback in recent years. Its presence remains in the traditional Christmas table, deeply rooted in the flavors of always. In our workshop we familiarly call them Basque Polvorones, because we make them entirely with wheat flour grown in Araba, with the Eusko Label certificate of Alava cereal. They concentrate the flavor and aroma of the cereal.

The preparation of the Polvorones mainly requires time, since the kneading of the dough has to be very precise and all the pieces are cut and wrapped by hand with great care.

The essential thing is to make a good toasting of the flour in the bakery and mix it very well with the finely ground almonds to achieve that texture so smooth in the mouth that you like so much.


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250 gr