Boletus Edulis Mushrooms
  • Boletus Edulis Mushrooms

Boletus Edulis Mushrooms


It is about Boletus edulis, clean, cut into pieces and packed with olive oil. Olive oil enhances even more the excellent flavor of the Boletus, making this product an essential ingredient for a multitude of dishes.


Boletus edulis is a large white mushroom with a soft texture that is often used in the preparation of sauces, stews, stews and rice dishes due to its intense aroma, and that can also be eaten scrambled and sautéed, to enjoy a unique experience. .

Common names:

Pumpkin mushroom.

Onto Zuri.

Boletus Edulis is the quality reference for the entire Boletus family. Its smooth meat, its aroma of dried fruits and its good preservation for sale make it the most sold boletus species.

Despite the fact that between the end of May and the beginning of July there is a small outbreak of this species, the season of greatest collection is in the fall.

Undoubtedly the most appreciated mushroom internationally for its sweet flavor and light aroma of nuts. It can be classified as five forks. Very versatile, perfect for stews, rice, pasta...


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230 gr